Trends: Snapchat

Snapchat has become a very popular social media. It has become a powerful tool for social networking, opportunities, and a way of self promotion. Most recently it has been seen as a advertising tool as well.

Snapchat has gained immense prominance in the digital world. There are 100 million daily active users on Snapchat. The majority of people using Snapchat’s application are making videos, fueling a boom in watching them, the company is telling its investors.

More than a third of Snapchat’s daily users create “Stories,” broadcasting photos and videos from their lives that last 24 hours. Or if you’re like me, delete it after you get bored with the video or photo after 12 hours.  Now users are watching 10 billion videos a day on the application, up from 8 billion in February.

I don’t know about many people but this is a great opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and utilize snapchat as a promotional tool for your business or company. Yes, that seems odd and like a far stretch. Just picture this: if you own a restaurant you can take videos preparing food, or take a picture of that day special. The opportunities are endless, you can simply just document a normal work day.

The one thing the many people are: noisy. People will see what other’s are doing even if there isn’t any interest. It’s natural to want to find out.

So any businesses out there, I challenge you to start up a snapchat account.

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Trends: Snapchat

Trends: Social Media as a Social Networking Tool

Feature Story: Instagrammer Take Opportunities

The hierarchy of social media is a dominant lifestyle for virtually everyone. Social media could be defined as a way of connection and virtual communication. Gradually, this meaning has progressed to much more.

Social media is a way of self promotion and providing your stance on the hierarchy of follows and likes. Similar to advertisements, Instagram and other social media transitioned to a place where people show their individualities and promote their likes and dislikes.

Instagram is a powerhouse social media app where people develop a following and networks with those followers to gain resources. Kayla Gatling, a CSU junior, finds the resources and opportunities through Instagram to provide her a greater future.


Gatling an avid Instagram user, utilizes this social media app beyond posting pictures of her lunch. “I don’t use Instagram as the business, I am the business, it’s strictly a tool,” Gatling said. Others were able to see her name out in the digital world where it stuck to many important viewers.

With over 1300 followers and rising everyday, Gatling understands the fundamentals of a good Instagram post. “The type of mindset I use will is in a business one,” Gatling said. SMART goals which means: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely are the steps taken into consideration when posting a photo.

Receiving over a hundred of likes for each and everyone one of her images. Gatling has found a way to use the social media app for networking. “I’ve met other great resources through Instagram like entrepreneur, photographers, and other prominent people,” Gatling said.

Gatling modeled for Kicks to the Pitch where she was able to make a promising impression on Curtis Brown. “He DM me, where he told me that he came across my page and wanted talk business. Then progressed to emails to plan a photo-shoot to showcase some merchandise at the All Star Soccer Game,” Gatling said.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.34.13 PM.png
Kicks to the Pitch Instagram

This was not the only experience she’s had when finding a networking connection. “I kept in contact with [Brown]. He serves as a great resource. He got me connected to promoter in LA and Vegas. That one resource extended far past Colorado and provided me many more resources” Gatling said.

Every interaction Gatling made moved toward a prospective job or resource. Gatling admits to the use of Instagram as a self advertising tactic. “Instagram is just for self advertisement. An advertising tool. Your bio, organization of photos, etc., is a direct reflection of yourself. It all matters,” Gatling said.

Gatling turned a social app into her personal LinkedIn networking site. “I have become too a resource all because of Instagram.” She goes on to say, “one resource is the foundation to hundred resources, the way I view it someone knows someone, who knows someone, all because of Instagram. I can build the foundation to get me the resources I need for my business venture.”

Instagram is a place where she makes friends, post her personality and personal strength to gain meaningful relationships. She continues to climb the hierarchy of follows and likes, but it proves to be more than just a double tap.

Trends: Social Media as a Social Networking Tool

New Technology: Michael Kors join the smartwatch market

If you are a fan of Micheal Kors watches or if you enjoy having the power of technology on your wrist. Michael Kors unveiled on Thursday the Michael Kors Access smartwatch, a luxury timepiece that will kick off a new lineup of technology accessories from the brand.

The upcoming luxury smartwatch will be customizable, compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms and will feature exclusive display faces that change with a swipe. There are many luxury watches out there with great and high-end features, but while those models were packed with bells and whistles, Michael Kors is reminding us of the power of simplicity.

It will still carry all the necessities that are needed to qualify this watch as a smart watch. The Michael Kors luxury smartwatches will offer features like app notifications, text and email alerts, social media updates, voice activation and built-in fitness tracking.

There are separate versions for men and women and both possess sleek, understated beauty. This is a game changer for the digital world. As we all know having a connection to the web or social media or other apps is an important lifestyle that we have. Since the release of the first smart watches, it was all about the technology and not so much about the look. (I don’t know about you but I find a tiny screen on my wrist very odd to me) Michael Kors releasing a watch that both carry looks and technology is a game changer for the technology and fashion.

According to BBC, “Michael Kors – whose devices are manufactured by Fossil – focused on their exclusive digital watchfaces and “glamorous style” at its launch rather than on technical specifications.”

Michael Kors CEO John Idol declared in a statement that he is “in the business of in the business of making people’s lives easier through fashion”. He decided to make tech accessories glamorous and chic, since owners have to wear them every day.

We are progressing to functionality and looks. That’s all too exciting to me.

New Technology: Michael Kors join the smartwatch market

New Technology: Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

New Phone Alert

So if you didn’t already know, Samsung has released their new Galaxy. If you are pro Andriod and against Apple. Then get in line and get your new phone. And it turns out there’s a large following or newly following of the Sumsung Galaxy. Their data suggests that the new smartphones have registered healthy sales across the globe so far, boosting hopes of a turnaround in Samsung’s mobile profits.


This new high of sales could be related to the new features. For the most part, the company has focused on improving the hardware, but there are a few new components on the software side, especially on the front-facing camera.

Samsung moved to a 12-megapixel camera and the underlying camera software has been upgraded with some new features—like Motion panorama.

So if you are like my brother, order your Galaxy because it looks like a good one.

New Technology: Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

New Technology: iPhone 7 & iPhone SE

The illustrious iPhone 7 is coming out!

Apple’s iPhone launches are the biggest events in the tech world in so many ways each year. They generate the most excitement and hype, and of course they also generate the most sales by a staggering margin. In fact, Apple sells more new iPhones by the end of opening weekend than most smartphone models sell in a lifetime.


While the iPhone SE launching today is expected to be a smaller, more affordable handset aimed at developing smartphone nations, the iPhone 7 will be the next generation of major iPhone release.

What has been a common rumor is that the aluminium alloy body will probably retain its gentle curves, though one of the most persistent rumors we’ve seen is the removal of the round 3.5mm headphone jack in an effort to make the device marginally slimmer.

Since the new iPhones seemingly won’t have a standard audio port, the company’s current EarPod headphones won’t work with them out of the box. In place of the current models, Apple will reportedly release new EarPods that utilize a Lightning connector instead of an 1/8th-inch audio plug.


Oh Apple, you always try to make lives difficult. But I still love you.

More evidence that the iPhone 7 is going to make a lot of people angry this year—will-it-launch-today-or-in-september/

New Technology: iPhone 7 & iPhone SE

Digital News: Hackers and Pirates Steal Diamonds

Recently, I read a story by Buzzfeed about hackers stealing millions of dollars worth of diamonds.

If that isn’t just fascinating that I don’t know what it. There were two thoughts that came to me when I read the title of the article. 1) There’s pirates? I swore that it was only destined for the fictional character Jack Sparrow. 2) HOW?!

According to the article, in recent months, pirates — real pirates, in the South Pacific — had boarded a half dozen of this company’s ships and stolen millions of dollars worth of cargo.


This is a problem on it’s own but what was most unusual was the effectiveness of hijacking the valuable good. The shipping company was alarmed that the pirates seemed to have advance knowledge of what was on its ships. In most cases, it can take hours or even days to go through the tens of thousands of shipping containers on a major cargo vessel, or to siphon off oil or gas.

These pirates, however, were in and out in 90 minutes. And when the ships’ crews emerged from the designated “safe rooms” in which they lock themselves during hijackings, they found that most of the cargo — cars and car parts — was untouched.

The pirates had only opened and stolen from certain containers: the ones with diamond jewelry inside. That meant the pirates most likely had access to the ships’ manifests and bills of lading, documents that would provide the exact location of the most valuable and easy-to-move cargo on the ship.

“One thing became apparent,” Chris Novak’s RISK (Research, Investigations, Solutions, and Knowledge) said. “This environment was internet accessible.” In other words, it was possible for a hacker to connect to the shipping company’s back end over the internet.

“There have been pirates in that region for a long time,” Novak said. “But the hacking element is new … Hackers can make millions of dollars without ever getting on a ship.” After all, he said, “The ocean is a big place. If you don’t know where to look, for all you know you could be hijacking a ship full of manure.”


You know how it’s said that today is where we have the most technologically savvy people. Everyday we learn more and more about what’s out there in the digital world. So keep up because we don’t want to be left behind.


Digital News: Hackers and Pirates Steal Diamonds

Trends: The Digital Workplace

Last summer I took a course called Virtual Communication in the Workplace. Yes, this is a class. Now in every workplace it is vital that there is constant communication digitally. According to a recent study by Avanade, digital workplace has become a must. Ninety-nine percent of organizations that have adopted digital workplace tools have experienced business benefits – including employee engagement.

As the world continues to evolve and thrive off of technology, the relationships, interactions and daily routine begin to evolve too. This world now, revolves around technology, so in 2030 the technological atmosphere will dominate all lifestyles forever. I wrote in my first position paper: “the development and innovation of technology has transformed the way of living. Now, we live in a societal norm where everything is digital. The communications: where people you can text, call on cell phones, and Skype or Facetime; entertainment: where you can stream movies and TV shows online; and even knowing others’ lifestyles and daily routines through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. The day-to-day lifestyle for the average American is revolved around a digital contemporary world.” This is all based around the digital world today. If our lifestyles changed substantially since the 90’s, the changes to come in 15 years are unimaginable. Life will be dependent on a digital world, whether that’s workplace, work, and relationships.


By 2030, the working world will be dependent on virtual teams, slowly everything will progress into a time where everything is done online and digitally. For example, self-checkout lines in grocery stores, shopping online, or even this class. This class is evidence of a digital world. We’re taking a class where a teacher doesn’t need to lecture in front of the class and I don’t need to sit in a classroom to learn. It’s all done because people want their freedom to do things on their own terms and their own way. “When you give people freedom, you get chaos, but you also get incredible creativity” (Bratman et al, 2006, p.81). As that creativity begins to be harness, it becomes a new technology or future lifestyle.

Work will look like what it is now but for longer period of time. For instance, when making a yearbook or any publication, everything is made online. So you see journalists hunched over a computer for hours to make their content, then finally move away from it to print it. Although, I believe in the future the journalist will remain straining their next toward the computer to publish the content online. It will go like that, for every work. Teachers teaching online, Customer service all done through online chat, etc. It’s all because of the simple fact that the implementation of technology modernized and simplified the lifestyle for everyone across the world. “It simply offers more degrees of freedom for each of us to design our own communications space than we were available in the past” (Benkler, 2006, p. 371).


Relationships are where it becomes more of a grey area. It is unknown if the lack of face to face interactions will make a huge detrimental problem, or will it become a norm where it’s not look down upon. Its is said that “the Internet makes it easier and cheaper to communicate with family and friends, at close proximity or over great distances, through the barriers of busy schedules and differing time zones” (Benkler, 2006, p. 371) So perhaps relationships will remain strong or even stronger, no one will know till we continue to add more ways to interact digitally.

“The arrival of the Internet marked not only the end of the industrial era, but the end of history itself” (Turner, 2006, p. 261) This quote proves to be the most true, today. This could change, in the future. For now, I see the world in 2030 where the working life and daily is all done online or digitally. It will be a world where there’s more touch screens and clicking.

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Trends: The Digital Workplace