New Technology: Michael Kors join the smartwatch market

If you are a fan of Micheal Kors watches or if you enjoy having the power of technology on your wrist. Michael Kors unveiled on Thursday the Michael Kors Access smartwatch, a luxury timepiece that will kick off a new lineup of technology accessories from the brand.

The upcoming luxury smartwatch will be customizable, compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms and will feature exclusive display faces that change with a swipe. There are many luxury watches out there with great and high-end features, but while those models were packed with bells and whistles, Michael Kors is reminding us of the power of simplicity.

It will still carry all the necessities that are needed to qualify this watch as a smart watch. The Michael Kors luxury smartwatches will offer features like app notifications, text and email alerts, social media updates, voice activation and built-in fitness tracking.

There are separate versions for men and women and both possess sleek, understated beauty. This is a game changer for the digital world. As we all know having a connection to the web or social media or other apps is an important lifestyle that we have. Since the release of the first smart watches, it was all about the technology and not so much about the look. (I don’t know about you but I find a tiny screen on my wrist very odd to me) Michael Kors releasing a watch that both carry looks and technology is a game changer for the technology and fashion.

According to BBC, “Michael Kors – whose devices are manufactured by Fossil – focused on their exclusive digital watchfaces and “glamorous style” at its launch rather than on technical specifications.”

Michael Kors CEO John Idol declared in a statement that he is “in the business of in the business of making people’s lives easier through fashion”. He decided to make tech accessories glamorous and chic, since owners have to wear them every day.

We are progressing to functionality and looks. That’s all too exciting to me.

New Technology: Michael Kors join the smartwatch market

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