Trends: Snapchat

Snapchat has become a very popular social media. It has become a powerful tool for social networking, opportunities, and a way of self promotion. Most recently it has been seen as a advertising tool as well.

Snapchat has gained immense prominance in the digital world. There are 100 million daily active users on Snapchat. The majority of people using Snapchat’s application are making videos, fueling a boom in watching them, the company is telling its investors.

More than a third of Snapchat’s daily users create “Stories,” broadcasting photos and videos from their lives that last 24 hours. Or if you’re like me, delete it after you get bored with the video or photo after 12 hours.  Now users are watching 10 billion videos a day on the application, up from 8 billion in February.

I don’t know about many people but this is a great opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and utilize snapchat as a promotional tool for your business or company. Yes, that seems odd and like a far stretch. Just picture this: if you own a restaurant you can take videos preparing food, or take a picture of that day special. The opportunities are endless, you can simply just document a normal work day.

The one thing the many people are: noisy. People will see what other’s are doing even if there isn’t any interest. It’s natural to want to find out.

So any businesses out there, I challenge you to start up a snapchat account.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.13.59 AM snapchat+infographic

Trends: Snapchat

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