New Technology: iPhone 7 & iPhone SE

The illustrious iPhone 7 is coming out!

Apple’s iPhone launches are the biggest events in the tech world in so many ways each year. They generate the most excitement and hype, and of course they also generate the most sales by a staggering margin. In fact, Apple sells more new iPhones by the end of opening weekend than most smartphone models sell in a lifetime.


While the iPhone SE launching today is expected to be a smaller, more affordable handset aimed at developing smartphone nations, the iPhone 7 will be the next generation of major iPhone release.

What has been a common rumor is that the aluminium alloy body will probably retain its gentle curves, though one of the most persistent rumors we’ve seen is the removal of the round 3.5mm headphone jack in an effort to make the device marginally slimmer.

Since the new iPhones seemingly won’t have a standard audio port, the company’s current EarPod headphones won’t work with them out of the box. In place of the current models, Apple will reportedly release new EarPods that utilize a Lightning connector instead of an 1/8th-inch audio plug.


Oh Apple, you always try to make lives difficult. But I still love you.

More evidence that the iPhone 7 is going to make a lot of people angry this year—will-it-launch-today-or-in-september/

New Technology: iPhone 7 & iPhone SE

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