Trends: Social Media as a Social Networking Tool

Feature Story: Instagrammer Take Opportunities

The hierarchy of social media is a dominant lifestyle for virtually everyone. Social media could be defined as a way of connection and virtual communication. Gradually, this meaning has progressed to much more.

Social media is a way of self promotion and providing your stance on the hierarchy of follows and likes. Similar to advertisements, Instagram and other social media transitioned to a place where people show their individualities and promote their likes and dislikes.

Instagram is a powerhouse social media app where people develop a following and networks with those followers to gain resources. Kayla Gatling, a CSU junior, finds the resources and opportunities through Instagram to provide her a greater future.


Gatling an avid Instagram user, utilizes this social media app beyond posting pictures of her lunch. “I don’t use Instagram as the business, I am the business, it’s strictly a tool,” Gatling said. Others were able to see her name out in the digital world where it stuck to many important viewers.

With over 1300 followers and rising everyday, Gatling understands the fundamentals of a good Instagram post. “The type of mindset I use will is in a business one,” Gatling said. SMART goals which means: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely are the steps taken into consideration when posting a photo.

Receiving over a hundred of likes for each and everyone one of her images. Gatling has found a way to use the social media app for networking. “I’ve met other great resources through Instagram like entrepreneur, photographers, and other prominent people,” Gatling said.

Gatling modeled for Kicks to the Pitch where she was able to make a promising impression on Curtis Brown. “He DM me, where he told me that he came across my page and wanted talk business. Then progressed to emails to plan a photo-shoot to showcase some merchandise at the All Star Soccer Game,” Gatling said.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.34.13 PM.png
Kicks to the Pitch Instagram

This was not the only experience she’s had when finding a networking connection. “I kept in contact with [Brown]. He serves as a great resource. He got me connected to promoter in LA and Vegas. That one resource extended far past Colorado and provided me many more resources” Gatling said.

Every interaction Gatling made moved toward a prospective job or resource. Gatling admits to the use of Instagram as a self advertising tactic. “Instagram is just for self advertisement. An advertising tool. Your bio, organization of photos, etc., is a direct reflection of yourself. It all matters,” Gatling said.

Gatling turned a social app into her personal LinkedIn networking site. “I have become too a resource all because of Instagram.” She goes on to say, “one resource is the foundation to hundred resources, the way I view it someone knows someone, who knows someone, all because of Instagram. I can build the foundation to get me the resources I need for my business venture.”

Instagram is a place where she makes friends, post her personality and personal strength to gain meaningful relationships. She continues to climb the hierarchy of follows and likes, but it proves to be more than just a double tap.

Trends: Social Media as a Social Networking Tool

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